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The Problem

The Fishbowl challenge is an entrepreneural competition for students from various parts of the world. It was started by former Google VP, Tom Siegel and involves solving challenges on different topic areas. I was recruited to join the team as volunteer Graphic Designer. One of the tasks I took on was the creation of the challenge logo. See the fishbowl website to learn more.

For the logo design, no brief was provided. I was given just two instructions: Include a fish (or some fish) in the design and use the "fishbowl" name as part of the logo in some form. I also chose the color palette to be used for the branding. The futura font had also been selected as part of the brand as it was already in use on the official website.

The Process

Understanding the Brand

This part of the process involved getting to understand the brand better and the purpose of the competition. During this process, I also did some research to find out who the target market is and what kind of image the competition is supposed to have for each one of the groups.


After gathering some more information on the brand, I then proceeded to seek inspiration. Usually this process, for me, involves looking at real life objects, pinterest and picking the client's brains on images and shapes they would like to see. Once completed I move on to sketching ideas and before refining the sketches to digital art.


The colours chosen for the brand and eventually used in the logo were selected at this point. The colour palette was the product of a careful process to create a family of colours that would appeal to all the different stakeholder groups. The main stakeholders being competition participants, investors and mentors. The font used was the brand font and both were combined with the sketches to create the digitised logos.

Feedback and Iteration

When the designs were completed, they were presented to the leadership team for feedback. They expressed the desire to use a specific image of a fish that had been created previously by a different designer. This feedback was provided alongside other feedback such as the use of a fishbowl and having the fish in motion (jumping, for example).

Design Breakdown