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The Problem

While I interned in Lagos in the Fall of 2018, I struggled getting around the city because I did not have a personal car and my finances did not allow me the luxury of using more comfortable transport options (like Uber or Taxify). I wanted to design the interface, features and experience for a ride sharing app for users within metropolitan cities in Africa using Lagos as a case study.

This app is different from ride hailing services like Bolt and Uber. It involves car owners in the city carpooling with non car owners to commute in an easier and safer manner. The design and features of the app take into consideration the fast paced nature of Lagos city as well as some of the common concerns of the non "car-owning" commuters

The Process


I had the basic idea for the app, but I needed to understand the various nuances and use cases under which people would use the app. With research I set out to understand user motivations and potential features of the solution using interviews and scenarios.


After collecting the data I set out to analyse it to draw insights. I then grouped the various needs into different personas. I finished with 5 unique personas and a defined requirements/features list.


The design was a two-step process that involved creating initial paper prototypes that showed the main functionality of the application. These were presented to potential users and the feedback was used to create the high-fi prototypes.


Following the creation of the hi-fi prototypes, more feedback was sought from the potential users of the application through user task analysis and questionnaires. The final design is broken down below.

Design Breakdown