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The Problem

This was a project completed as part of an assignment for an opportunity on a team with two other people. The brief for the project asked for a "5-page website that represents the Tingg brand and uses colour and design to communicate to the Consumers, Businesses and Developers”. The Consumers, Businesses and Developers are the 3 main user groups of the product. See the full documentation here.

The Process

Understanding the Problem

The brief highlighted different things and for that reason there were different factors to consider from the problem statement. One important one was the need to understand the Tingg brand itself, including the products, positioning and unique selling points.

An understanding of the product was necessary to inform the creation of the structure for the site and flow of the activities from one section to another.


Both primary research(from data provided by the company) and secondary(by the team) were conducted. Most of the secondary research was to understand the target demographic of the company, what they would like to see as well as some of the problems that they have.

This was done through various channels, one of which was looking through google playstore comments and reviews and eventually translated to the inclusion of the "testimonials" feature on the homepage

Analysis and Design

Designing was a three-step process that involved analysing the information from the research phase to create features, drawing up the structure for the website pages and mapping the content for each one of the pages alongside the flows between the pages. All three of these combined and were used to create the designs for the site pages.

Feedback and Iteration

Following the creation of the site designs, feedback was sought from members of teams that are connected to the product at Cellulant . The final design is broken down below.

Design Breakdown